Cheating In PubG Can Lead To Device Ban In India

Cheating is an issue in mobile games just as it is everywhere else, and Krafton is taking extra precautions to catch cheaters. According to 91Mobiles, the developer has permanently disabled cheating devices in Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is only applicable on local Indian version. Rogue gamers can’t just make new accounts to keep wrecking your matches. They’d have to buy a new phone or tablet, at least in theory.

A gadget ban isn’t a novel notion.

Hardware is commonly blocked in games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant. However, it is less widespread on mobile, with Battlegrounds Mobile India being one of the most notable examples. IT has over 16 million people playing every day.

Will device ban in PubG help?

Device restrictions are unlikely to put a stop to cheating in the battle royale game. While it takes more work to get around device prohibitions, especially on mobile, it’s not impossible. However, Krafton’s attempt may prevent many ‘casual’ cheats, and that may be enough to attract (or maintain) honest people who have been turned off by previous misbehaviour.

Originally published at on December 28, 2021.



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Jay Jangid

Jay Jangid

Jay Jangid has 2 years of experience in the news media industry with journalistic touch and knowledge of how to create and recreate information into news.