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The lego toy story is everybody’s favorite. It is that one movie that everyone adores and likes. This article is perfect for you if you have ever watched a toy story alien movie. In this article, you will get to know some amazing facts about toy story 3. This includes toy story toys so make sure that you read the article till the end.

Fact 1: Directors have studied various prison movies

As we all are aware that the zurg toy story revolves around Andy and his toys like woody and buzz. Toy story 3 is particularly about toys like jessie toy story, woody toy story escaping the sunny side. The makers of the movie studied several prison movies. It helped them create this blockbuster movie about sid from toy story.

Fact 2: Hardest animation of the film

Animating toys like a woody doll, sid toy story, emperor zurg or bo peep toy story is quite difficult. But, the trash that was present in the film was one of the hardest things to animate. The producer of pizza planet toy story, Darla Anderson confessed that. She said the garbage bags shown in little bo peep toy story were particularly very difficult.

Fact 3: Lotso bear sued Disney

We all know Lotso as a bad character or villain in toy story 3. But it appears that this character was a pain for Disney as well. It is very shocking to know that Disney got sued. This was because of Lotso once by a company known as Diece-Lisa industries. The reason why this occurred was that ‘lots of hugs” was their trademark. Lotso’s character bears similarities with this trademark. This is why the company sued Disney.

Fact 3: Steve Jobs on the set of toy story 5

Steve Jobs is one of the founders of a well-known company called Pixar. He has played a major role in the early life of Pixar. Steve was also the producer of the first part of the toy story featuring woody and Jessie.

Fact 4: Do you know why Totoro has a cameo?

In toy story 3 Easter eggs and several cameos are from other movies by Pixar. Totoro is a character from a film that came out in 1988 called ‘my neighbor Totoro. Totoro is one of Bonnie’s toys. This character was not included for the sake of including it. Hayat Miyazaki and John Lasseter have been friends for many years. Lasseter has pointed out that he is present in several Miyazaki films.

Video Credit — Screen Rant

Fact 5: The movie became a highest-grossing animated movie

It is not enough to say that toy story 3 featuring stinky pete and toy story dinosaur is a big movie. It is more than that. People filled the theater wanting to watch this masterpiece.

Woody toy story doll in particular became one of the most profitable ventures for Disney. It became one of the highest-grossing animated movies in history. Unfortunately toy story 3 could not beat the records set by frozen. At present Frozen is the highest grosser in the category of animated movies.

Final words

These were some of the most interesting facts about slinky toy story and toy story horse. This was a movie that people of all ages love.

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