Film Review For ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Of Michelle Yeoh

In the year 2016, Swiss Army Man, gonzo auteur duo Daniel Kwan, and Daniel Scheinert were there who made an aggressive bid for cult immortality by casting Daniel Radcliffe as the best flatulent corpse so gaseous that he could even double as a decomposing jet ski. So, it might not be surprising at all that one of the triggers for characters jumping between parallel universes is Everything Everywhere all at once. This is the movie that is taking out a flying leap and impaling itself on jumbo butt plugs.

Nothing is true like the title: this frantically plotted serve of stoner heaven is insanely imaginative and is having a lot of fun as well. at two hours plus, this is something that is very much unrelenting and wearisome. But at some degree of chaotic maximalist overload seems inherent to any film about this multiverse rippling with a violent threat, the nonstop jumble of mad invention has to sacrifice the control.

However, this is very much sure that to be a rowdy opening-night entry at the SXSW Film Festival, the A24 release has to have a winning card in the game lead performance of Michelle Yeoh. Evelyn is so busy tallying receipts and preparing for the birthday party of her elderly father that her mild-mannered husband Waymond is not able to get a word at all for discussing the divorce. The daughter Joy is there doing perfectly by rocking the boat by insisting on bringing her girlfriend Becky into the celebration. Other than this there is a lot more that happened in this movie. Therefore, we can say that you will definitely feel pummeled into submission and relieved when it’s over.

Originally published at on March 12, 2022.



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Jay Jangid

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