How I Met Your Father: An Editor’s Review

Let’s face it. How I Met, Your Mother had a very polarized ending. Some people liked the way things turned out. However, others simply slammed the conclusion for ruining the years’ worth of build-up and character development. At least the good news is that the creators do not intend to repeat the same mistakes. After watching the first two episodes of ‘How I met your father,’ the viewers feel that the show has learned from the mistakes of its “mother.’

Shows like How I Met Your Mother comprised some of the happier, better days of our lives. Most of us spent a good time watching the sitcom, and we appreciated a lot of what it did with its fantastic ensemble. We don’t believe in resenting that time simply because the ending betrayed the show’s lovely plot.

How I Met, Your Mother owes its success to the hangout vibes it gives to the viewers. Much of the humour lies in the quirks of its characters, for instance, the lovestruck Ted, the OTP Marshall and Lilly, the womanizer Barney, and the headstrong Canadian reporter Robin.

The vibes of the show come from these characters sitting in a room, doing a bunch of weird things as events unfold before the viewers. All the while, the show’s driving force is the mystery behind the ‘Mother.’ It also shows how Ted coincides with her at different points in the story.

It may not be as well-known for its catchy, witty concepts as, say, Seinfeld. However, elements like the slap bet and Robin’s history as a Canadian teen pop sensation always made it feel more than just a hangout program.

How I Met Your Father — The Plot

And now, years later, How I Met Your Father will premiere on Hulu on January 18th. The plot is about a grown-up Sophie (Kim Cattrall). She addresses her son to tell him how she met his father. He claims to already know the story, but she insists he is unaware of the details. From there, we go into the narrative of young Sophie. It is effectively portrayed by Hilary Duff, who lives with a roommate and goes on Tinder dates in the first episode. Suddenly, after an exciting night, she gains rapid acceptance into a new group of friends. After viewing the first two episodes, you might get the impression that the jokes aren’t striking at all. It’s not about a lack of effort or talent on the part of the cast. We can see well-known actors like Hilary Duff and Chris Lowell who have the talent to carry on any show. There are some unknown faces, too, like Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Daniel Augustin, Suraj Sharma, and Tien Tran. Overall, we feel that the show needs a compelling storyline and storytelling.

Originally published at on January 20, 2022.




Jay Jangid has 2 years of experience in the news media industry with journalistic touch and knowledge of how to create and recreate information into news.

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Jay Jangid

Jay Jangid

Jay Jangid has 2 years of experience in the news media industry with journalistic touch and knowledge of how to create and recreate information into news.

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