Tekken: Netflix Is Going To Release This Animated Series

Getting help with bringing the properties like DotA 2 and Castlevania to TV, Netflix once again is trying to make its way to turn to a historic gaming franchise to add to its content library. On Saturday, it was announced by one of the streamers that Netflix is soon going to release the best Tekken: Bloodline, an animated adaptation of Bandai Namco’s fighting game series. It was also reported that this is the series that is going to come later in 2022 only. So, be ready for it if you are excited to watch something like this, let’s move forward with other details.

Probing further, through the trailer that was shared by Netflix, there was also an announcement that we’re introduced to protagonist Jin Kazama, who joined the franchise of the best character in 1996’s Tekken 3. This is going to be the show in which Kazama embarks on a quest for revenge when his mother Jun falls and is considered as a demon. Later on, Kazama is the one who goes to their grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, for help. In case, the old man gives off the sinister vibe, it’s because he’s the main villain in the franchise Tekken. Therefore, the quest of Kazama leads him to The King of Iron Fist Tournament where we see some familiar faces.

Along with knowing all of this, it will come out later this year, we are not having an exact release date for the Tekken: Bloodline. But it has been announced that the show will be coming on to the streaming platform later in this year only. Productions like Arcane and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf were a success for the company. So, we are thinking that this too is going to be a huge success for the Netflix company. Get ready to watch the animated show Tekken only on Netflix.

Originally published at https://www.netflixtrends.com on March 21, 2022.



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