The University Of Austin Target To Achieve Culture Of Censorship

The university of Austin said, We’ve had enough of waiting for America’s institutions to fix themselves. A promotional video for The University of Austin uploaded on Twitter Monday morning claimed. As a result, we’re starting over.

Part of the reason for the announcement’s national interest was its board of advisers. Moreover, This included former New York Times writer Bari Weiss, Harvard scholar Steven Pinker, former Harvard University president Lawrence H. Summers, and playwright David Mamet.

The University Of Austin To Establish In Texas Also

The University of Austin is all set to capture the new heights. The faculty has decided to grow it in the right direction. This will help them open new doors for the students. Moreover, it will also prove to be a great chance to come out and make a mark.

But it was also because the university chose to establish itself in the state capital of Texas. If it’s good enough for Elon Musk and Joe Rogan, it’s good enough for us. The new university’s website says, referring to the Tesla CEO and podcast host. They have both migrated from California to Austin since the middle of 2020.

The University of Austin’s purpose is to establish a fiercely independent university that will provide an alternative to what its founders perceived as an increase in “illiberalism” on college campuses and a diminishing commitment among colleges to defend free speech and civil conversation.

Faculty To Focus On Making It Shine With Excellent Results

Kanelos, who stepped down as president of St. John’s University in Annapolis, Maryland, this summer, sees this new university as a “north star” for universities to reclaim a space for open debate. Something he believes isn’t happening as often as it should on other college campuses across the country. We may never find the truth, he said, “but that’s what scholars do.” Moreover, It’s difficult to accomplish that if you’re terrified of being punished if you make a mistake.”

However, The choice to open the institution in Austin was based on the city’s appeal to creative thinkers and mavericks. Austin has turned into one giant maker space.

Originally published at on November 9, 2021.



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