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Travis scott net worth is around fifty million dollars, as of 2022. Travis Scott is a singer and rapper. Also, he is a songwriter, and also a record producer from the United States. This is how much Travis Scott worth.

Early Days

Travis Scott was born on 30th April 1992, in Texas. His actual name is Jacques Webster. He grew up in Missouri.


He attended a private primary and intermediate institution. He then graduated from Elkins High School, a public school. He attended Texas University before leaving to pursue music in NY City. When Scott’s parents learned the news, they felt devastated. They stopped giving him money.


Travis Scott started his journey of becoming a renowned rapper at the age of 16. Scott formed the hip-hop group called “The Graduates” with a friend of his. Due to his popularity, travis scott net worth 2022 is quite high.

He had inked a deal with Grand Hustle. Travis Scott was on his way to becoming a tremendous star in the hip-hop business.

In 2018, Travis has published many albums, had songs on the Billboard Hot 100. He also had a daughter named Stormi. Travis has also worked with musicians.

Travis Scott’s Expenditure

Travis Scott is one of the highest paid rappers in the industry. Scott earns money by creating new famous songs and going on various tours. Travis makes money from his songs and merchandise. He also has a lucrative endorsement agreement with Nike. He enjoys purchasing unique clothing and shoes.

The rapper loves buying new vehicles, having bought a new Bugatti Chiron for three million dollars. This he bought from travis scott salary. Scott gave Kylie Jenner a one million dollars sports vehicle. For her 21st birthday, he also gave Kylie a white vintage Rolls Royce. Scott spent twenty four million for a massive house in Los Angeles. These are travis scott assets

Travis net worth is around fifty million dollars. The net worth of travis scott has increased since the birth of his daughter Stormi.

5 Surprising Travis Scott Facts

1. The Houston artist began playing the drums at the age of three. Then he started playing the piano.

2. Jacques Webster is Travis Scott’s real name. He told Grantland in 2014 that he got the inspiration for his rap name in part from a cousin he respected.

3. Scott told in 2013 that he usually records in the dark.

4. Scott admitted to MTV that the first time he met Kid Cudi, he sobbed.

5. It was difficult to persuade his family of his wish to work in the music industry.

What Is Travis Scott’s Net Worth?

Travis Scott is a prominent American rapper who has recently become a new parent to a baby boy. He’s quite young, and still has a lot of promise for the rest of his career. Travis scott net worth 2022 will exceed fifty million dollars soon. We hope this article answers your question to How much is travis scott net worth?

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