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It has been so long since Season 5 of Better Call Saul aired on AMC with season 6 now confirmed to air in April 2022. Some of the people might be having so early access to season 5 but in the US, its Netflix release is seemingly tied to season 6 releasing. Here is the updated guide that will let you know about Season 5 of Better Call Saul.

As per the current updates, it has been found that Season 5 of Better Call Saul premiered on AMC all the way back on February 23rd, 2020, and once again consisted of 10 episodes. Therefore, this is the season that wrapped on April 20th, 2020. Season 6 for the series has been confirmed but has faced significant delays. This season is going to be the final season for the series and will consist of around 13 episodes wrapping up Jimmy McGill’s full transition into Saul Goodman. Season 6 will premiere on April 18th, 2022, and will come to Netflix internationally weekly.

Will Season 5 of the series come to Netflix US and Canada?

All the people who live in Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Spain will have the longest to wait for Season 5 of this series. The show first came to the US. It takes a while for the license to become available to Netflix. For example, the Season 4 of the series came on February 9th, 2020 just weeks before S5 was due to air. So, Season 5 will come on the streaming platform weeks before Season 6 gets aired.

Most probably, we can say that this is the series that will be coming to be the streaming platform with Season 5 by March or April in US and Canada. So, be ready for it, if you are a fan.

What is the release schedule for Season 5 of Better Call Saul internationally?

Here is the list that will let you know about the release schedule for Season 5 of Better Call Saul.

501- February 24, 2022

502- February 25, 2022

503- March 3, 2022

504- March 10, 2022

505- March 17, 2022

506- March 24, 2022

507- March 31, 2022

508- April 7, 2022

509- April 14, 2022

510- April 21, 2022

Better Call Saul s5 will launch weekly from 24 Feb which is good because it’s been 2 months since El Camino and we need more from the Gilligan Cinematic Universe. pic.twitter.com/seadUuav04

- Netflix UK & Ireland (@NetflixUK) November 21, 2019

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