Yaksha: Ruthless Operations- Korean Spy Thriller Coming To Netflix

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2021 was already a busy year for new K-Dramas on Netflix and it feels like 2022 is going to be the same. Thankfully, the incredibly exciting spy-thriller, Yaksha: Ruthless Operations is going to come on the streaming service this April 2022. This is the film that is starring Squid Game, Park Hae Soo. Here are the current updates about the film Yaksha: Ruthless Operations.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original spy-thriller film that has been written by screenwriters Na Hyun and Ahn Sang Hoon. This is the second time for Na Hyun, the director who previously directed action-thriller The Prison. With the continuous growth of South Korean titles on Netflix, Yaksha: Ruthless Operations is only the 2nd movie from the Korean peninsula this year. So, be ready to watch it out in April 2022.

What is the official release date for the film Yaksha: Ruthless Operations?

It has been found that the Korean spy thriller Yaksha: Ruthless Operations is going to come on the streaming service on April 8th, 2022, Friday. Get your subscriptions ready, if it has ended.

What is the plot for the movie Yaksha: Ruthless Operations?

Kang In, the cold-blooded leader of a secret NIS Operations, is the one who takes the dangerous operations of Shenyang, China. This is the city that is full of spies where the danger lies around every corner. Kang In’s greatest adversary arrives in the form of Ji Hoon- the person who is prepared to follow the law, no matter the cost. However, to know about the full plot, wait for the movie to release.

What is the runtime for the film?

As per the updates, it has been known that the movie is going to have a runtime of around 125 minutes. This means that the movie is 2 hours 5 minutes long.

Who are the cast members in the film Yaksha: Ruthless Operations?

Get ready for the movie to release in April 2022.

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