‘You People’: Netflix Comedy Is There To Release On Netflix Soon

All thanks to the 2022 Netflix movie preview, we know about some of the incredible movies that are headed to come on the streaming platform. One such film that we are very much excited to see on Netflix in 2022 is Kenya Barris’ You People. This is the movie that will be starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy. Below is everything that we know so far about the movie You People.

You People is the coming Netflix Original comedy movie directed by Kenya Barris and co-written with Jonah Hill. Both of them are the executive producers along with Kevin Misher. The production is being in the handle by Khalabo Ink Society, Strong Baby, and Misher Films.

Netflix has not yet announced the release date for this movie, but yes it has been fixed that the movie will be released in 2022 only. We expect that the release date for this movie will be out in several weeks. So, get connected and know about it, if you are interested in watching out the movies.

Who are the cast members in this upcoming Netflix comedy movie?

The majority of the cast members for this movie are known by now. If you are interested to know about the members who will make an appearance in this movie, then check here.

Jonah Hill, who recently starred in Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up is the first going to be there in the movie. Eddie Murphy is the second personality who can be seen in the movie You People. David Duchovny, Rhea Perlman, Molly Gordon, Bryan Greenberg, Andrea Savage, Lauren London, La La Anthony, Deon Cole, and Emily Arlook are also included in the cast of You People. So, get ready to see all of these personalities together.

What is the plot for the comedy movie, You People?

This is the movie that is going to follow a new couple and their families, who find themselves examining modern love and family dynamics. Even with the new and the clashing cultures and everything they are trying to examine modern love. Hence, this is some of the information that is known about the movie You People.

What is the production status for the movie You People?

Filming for this movie has already been wrapped up and is there in the post production phase. According to information reported on IMDb Pro, filming began on October 26th, 2021, and ended in December 2021.

The reported location for the filming in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Originally published at https://www.netflixtrends.com on February 16, 2022.




Jay Jangid has 2 years of experience in the news media industry with journalistic touch and knowledge of how to create and recreate information into news.

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Jay Jangid

Jay Jangid

Jay Jangid has 2 years of experience in the news media industry with journalistic touch and knowledge of how to create and recreate information into news.

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